ADA/BTC (275% Profit Potential)

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
1380 4
Fundamentals : Check
Buy zone : Check
Short-term and long term Profit : Check
News Coming : Check
Sweet R/R : Check

What more do you need to be convinced ?

Short-term Target : 6k Sats

Long-term targets : Previous ATH @9k Then 11.5k Sats as a new ATH

Stop-loss < 2400

Good Risk management is advised ,Give the Trade time to develop and don't be hasty
交易結束:達到停損點: I have sad News for Cardano Lovers ,our stop-loss was hit with high volume ,Cardano failed the test as it was too weak to move up and is going down
i have marked areas of interest (Green Lines) on the chart ,if you ever decide to
Re-buy back in
評論: Apparently Binance got hacked ,why everything is dumping including our lovely ADA
wait for a btc bounce back up before entering any trades ,maybe ADA might have been a fake dump
Good Luck!
I'm long since 0.26€, I don't take any profit before the next x10 !
Just need two x10 opportunity to make x100 in 2018 ! I have all the time ! Be patient, and don't day trade, keep your ADA and wait for the giant to wake up guys !)
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short term 1 month?

Long term 3 months?
lilothebest ElroyRyon
@ElroyRyon, Short Term is anything under 3 month
long term is a year+

but in cryptos .time is accelerated .Short-term target in 2~3 weeks is easy
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CryptoJulio lilothebest
if ADA 275% and bitcoin go up in the same time, we have composed rate of growth (not sure about this translation lol) for ADAUSD !
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