BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Cardano is used to wide swings so far and getting the timing right it is always tricky. I just saw this two fibonacci levels overlapping and on this market there is no such a thing as coincidence. Targets on chart, good trades !
評論: This idea/trade is not active, has not triggered so far !
評論: Cardano is running sideways with swings about 7% under the trigger level. I think it might look for stronger pivot below current before breaking up. Also there is an expectation on the time 19h for more action, being it a look for a pivot or just breaking out !

交易進行: Just get IN after the ADA pivot, it is a bit risk and way before the trigger level, but didn't get ALL in, just a little bit.
評論: Cardano run a very long triangle and break up but failed to set a new local high and is droping back. About to loose the MA50 on what looks like a very big, long bulltrap, I will just quit my very minor position on ADA if it stays stable below the MA50:

評論: Back on MA50 again, looking not good:

Any update on this? Didnt breake the first resistence line. Expected to continue the uptrend?
bitcoin mnuovo
@mnuovo, this trade only start after a confirmed break of the first line. I am monitoring waiting for the signal, the market is going sideways. I expected it to trigger some time, but up until there anything can happen.
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