ADA Technical Analysis ("Symmetrical" Triangle Consolidation)

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
After a head and shoulders downwards break, ADA seems to have been consolidating and waiting for a breakout on either side. Depending on the breakout direction, a quick 12% or 17% gain can be made on this. Wait for confirmation, and trade appropriately
評論: Corrected angles:
I'm a bit shocked people are still buying it? WTF is going on?
@nedrob, still consolidating:
A 80 or 100 percent up leaves some downward pressure. I agree but odds are on it going down with a possible slow meandering drop to 000019 or lower afterwards. I love ada so that's not what I want to see but logic isn't about like.
Luiserebii Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, I agree, it will probably head downwards. I'm would personally hold in BTC for the time being and wait to see where ADA goes. Even if it heads downwards, you can accumulate more cheap ADA :)
Supertraderboy Luiserebii
I sold 1/2 considering xem. any thoughts. xem seems to be done with retracement. I have read and heard this is another ethereom attempt at improvement. Scaling is better. What do you think.
bullcavern Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, last run it was down from 1690 to 550. If it does a similar pattern the target down right now it's around 1300 sat. Would be nice to add to the position at that value. But we have to watch for what btc does, if it drops i think we will see a small drop in usd value but much higher satoshi for ada.
Supertraderboy bullcavern
@bullcavern, I put the part that I sold in iota its on the way up. I was 80 percent sure we would drop again. iota is up 8 percent about.Its due for a run. ADA is a little better bet.

After a run up over 50 percent what do you feel is the retrace odds on any crypto in general ? I believe I should have dumped it all and picked it up again but btc dropped in process to complicate.

and I hope it does drop that far
Ok man. Keep us posting man . Gd job
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