$ADA #Cardano brutal selloff. slowly searching for the bottom

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
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ADABTC made me a lot of profits since I bought in November. sold after 10x increase.
what a crazy ride!
after that the sellers took over and are keeping ADA is a downtrend. look how long it took to come to the prices today!
despite all the good news about Cardano!
I know people saying TA doesn't matter. I wish them good luck!
the guys driving the price they do it following the same rules over and over again.
If you know these TA rules, you can also follow what they want to do and profit by riding the wave.
it's not an exact science, but it's enough to make it work most of the time!

ADABTC could be now at the bottom, or after a rebound could go even lower.
Cardano remains a strong project for sure for the long term.
The problem is that many people think it's overvalued! this can mean a lot.

If you're looking to start a partial position, you could do it now.
the best trade is to wait for the lower buy zone, even if it won't happen.


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