Cardano chart going DOWN!!!

BITTREX:ADAUSDT   Cardano / Tether
we have a sign that ada going down in few days we will see red candles , party will over soon for little time.
評論: true idea :)))
perfect top analysis ........ what are target for long term hold for 3 years hold?
There is far too less data for a day-analysis.. sorry. Have to disagree because of that.
Kajoarin76 Kajoarin76
@Kajoarin76, But none the less it proved to be true XD
shiva8 Kajoarin76
@Kajoarin76, how man , did you saw that cardano go down ? idea show it man
@shiva8, I commented on my disapproval and wanted to underline that your idea worked out. So no hard feelings there
shiva8 Kajoarin76
@Kajoarin76, aaah okay i understand everything is good no hard feelings :))))
I think the 50% retracement is over, and the growth can start. The MACD on the 45min-2hr charts are bullish and have crossed. RSI is looking good as well.
shiva8 BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, yes very possible
Incorrect TA. I Disagree
just as an update, they will release a new roadmap update in about 10hrs. It is promising!
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