AdEx, LONG: Cup-And-Handle pattern, Possible 370% return!

BITTREX:ADXUSD   AdEx / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi everyone,

I believe AdEx might be going semi-parabolic soon. With the beta-version coming up (Januari 30), I think the coin will draw the attention of a lot of people, resulting in some money flowing in.
It has a relatively low market-cap ($162.705.395 USD, today) with a current price of 2.65$. I think the price might go up to the 9/10-$ range. (where it will have an estimated market-cap of ~($650.705.395). A very realistic market-cap, where it can (possibly) line up with some other semi-popular altcoins. IF those levels get reached, then the 10/15$-range is next.

First of all, a cup-and-handle pattern has been made, and a very hot one.

Secondly, the resistance at ~2$ has been broken. I think prices are going to retest those levels, before bouncing back up. Making the ‘low-handle’, in the cup-and-handle pattern.

You don’t buy UNLESS there is a CLEAN H4-close ABOVE the GREEN trendline! This will be the indication that the tides have turned. Until that time, the market is in a corrective-phase and buying is stupid.

I think its going to make a ABC-correction to previous resistance, which is in the green-zone. Its (possibly) going to be around the 2$-levels. From there it will possibly start its rally. If it doesn’t make the pullback, but moves up and makes a H4-close above the green trendline , you can still buy.

- First target is around 6.5$
- Second target is around 9.5$

-- Adios
交易進行: Im in!
評論: Might be breaking out soon:

Breakout! A close would mean more upside.
評論: Tested a resistance which held strong for 91 days as support:

Next target is the moon of the moon.
評論: Broke the last ATH, now accumulating: preparing a launce to planet Ad(s)Ex:

評論: Give it some time ;)
評論: Waiting for this move:
Could you update this in light of the current BTC spike? I'd love to see your thought process on alts vs BTC
artm92a robertjulius
@robertjulius, Just hold; its a simple correction
@artm92a, Yeah, this is what i ended up doing.
At the green trend line now, waiting to see if it breaks above
artm92a Mblowers
@Mblowers, Watch it closely, this one might be a sleeping giant ;)
Mblowers artm92a
@artm92a, When would you buy in? Now or wait?
artm92a Mblowers
@Mblowers, Im in! :)
Mblowers artm92a
@artm92a, I am too. Good luck. Lets make some $$
artm92a Mblowers
@Mblowers, Good luck to you aswell ! :)
Great! Watching it closely for that retest
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