BITTREX:AEONBTC   Aeon / Bitcoin
Sorry guys for the misleading title but who cared about Verge till the 13 of december?

The 13 December someone called John McAfee, a visionary, said...

"If you would use your heads you would figure out that the privacy coins (anonymous transactions) will have the greatest future. Coins like Monero (XMR), Verge (XVG), or Zcash (ZEC) cannot lose"

And everybody like sheeps buying Verge coin.

A couple of months ago I discovered that a friends of mine also bought a lot of time ago some cryptos. I asked him what you bought? He said me Aeon. Aeo What? Yes i bought it because they do anonymous transactions. I tought that could be the future but I was wrong..

Now if you want to discover who could be the next to skyrocket you search a coin with similar characteristics of that who skyrocket lasts. An exemple? Vertcoin first followed by Groestlcoin (segwit saga).

Look at the charts. We arrive a the end of this triangle formed by the peak end of November. Now we are increasing to reach the resistance line of this triangle.

If it break... skyrocket


Ok I was a little bit frustated asking me why verge and not another one.

Aeon the little bro of monero is not doing so bad. Step by step we will know how strong is this coin.

actually it transformed an old resistance line in a support line. Is moving inside a new triangle and next step will be break the triangle and go to test the next resistance. Step by step.
So old a couple of days more and let see what happens
評論: that's the right one

Testing another resistance. Hope that it let me not suffer that much
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