AG Breaking the Bull Flag

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In a bull market, price will spend long periods of time in overbought and very short periods of time in oversold, and short term trading is a sure way to wreck your portfolio. Trading too frequently on the indicators could leave you flatfooted and on the wrong side of a trade trying to make up for a loss.

If you are believe that we are at the cusp of a bull market in the junior miners, you should only use the momentum indicators to identify oversold opportunities where you can add to your positions. If we're in a real bull market, 'overbought' momentum indicators can stay that way for extended periods of time, and 'oversold' indicators usually last for brief durations. Take a look at some historical charts for the first half of 2016, for any junior miner, and you will see that prices spend long periods of time in overbought and very short periods of time in oversold.

The time is right to buy the dips, hold for the duration, and set reasonable stop limits in case of a black swan event that crushes all markets in unison.

I am currently accumulating positions in core miners such as Majestic Silver (AG), and this chart shows my recent buy points based on 5/10 Day Least Square and Simple Moving Averages.

Currently we appear to be nearing the end of a consolidation period that started January 5th and will probably break up/down by January 20th.

My expectation is for a bullish move upward for 5-10 days after the breakout.
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