$AION - good change & great showcase for FOMO and Profits taking

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Looking back at AIONBTC and my old targets - quite nice to see they were pretty accurate! :)
AIONBTC went nicely at the beginning of Jan through target 1 and 2 - and then slowly selling off until it hit the bottom and the old entry points!
despite the efforts I saw everywhere on twitter telling about how strong AION is and how it will go to the moon.

This will hopefully convince more people the importance of TAKING PROFITS when Targets are hit!
I sold AION partially when the targets were hit and then completely when I saw it going down.
I didn't know of course how low it could really go but in crypto there are so many other opportunities that it makes it easier to wait and take your time.

And I think now AION has a good chance to go up again!
The old downtrend looks broken now, falling wedge , and everything looks up, AION is ready to revisit the old targets, again!
Fundamentally we should have February the 1st good price catalysts with the launch of the network.
The price can be volatile before and after. That's totally normal, as long as you expect it and you're ready to play it.
And the game is simple: buy low, sell high! don't get attached to the coin. keep a part if you believe it long term, but profits are profits guys, no one went broke taking profits (I learned this from someone on twitter)!!

Thanks a lot for your likes, follows and comments!
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