ALK-H AlkaLi3 Resources Inc ( might turn to marijuana )

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There are some connections between this company and Hempco Via - Donald Mosher of HempCo is also on the board of ALK .h!!! I would not miss this connection. Check out his bio, he is obviously been brought in to transform the company.

"Mr. Donald Aubrey Mosher is Director of the company. He has over 30 years of executive experience in the capital markets. He has provided direction and assistance for numerous public and private companies in management, corporate development and in meeting their financial requirements. He has held numerous board seats and acted as chief executive officer and president of Rodinia Minerals Inc."

Long term Cup and Handle . My first target would be 0.15 but who knows how High this could run if they turn to pot!

Will be looking to buy some of this tomorrow GL to all .
手動結束交易: Cant find anything to back up rumours. To many pump accounts on stock house promoting and spamming this stock... Company has no online presence or recent news releases.

I took only 1 penny profit, and I get to keep my hat too.

I will keep an eye on this guy , and consider re-entry if anything comes up.
do not see an OTC for usa
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G13Man JohnGalt777
@JohnGalt777, thanks
@G13Man, dude , im in at 0.04 taking a chance! got my fill late in the day. I hope some news comes out soon to keep up the volume .
what is his function at ALK?
JohnGalt777 StevenGerrits
@StevenGerrits, board of directors
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