AMD Value Dilution

NASDAQ:AMD   超微半導體公司
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On 9/9/16 AMD announced a dilution of its stock.

According to other analysts, as of 9/6/16, the stock should have fallen 14%; however, as of 9/9/16 AMD increased it's share offering.
His / Her numbers state the following : ($757,000/$7) = 108,214,286 Shares 108,214,286/795,557,811 = 14% dilution equaling $6 dollars a share.

His $7 dollar a share is purely an assumption.

Instead, I took the $7.50 - 25% and reached a price of $5.624 ( I took in count of fearful investors and added a gap)

With that in place, I used an Economic PPF Model and shifted the PPF Cure to the right. In most cases, the shifting of the curve typically means an expansion, or a growth in the market ( in this case, the company). As the shift moves to the right, the price drops due to the increase in volume . I drew a parallel line from old high trend line (Green) and dropped it to around $5.60. Assuming that this is the end of the dilution period, I expect the same trend (assuming all things remain the same--interest rates, the economy doing well, etc...).

I currently have half my old shares of AMD . I've been in since $2.00
I sold half of it and bought call Options that expire on January and April.

Lets see what happens.
交易進行: Can we close with a Bullish Harami Cross by the end of the day? Are we going to see a huge upside swing Friday with the Doji?

Tokyo Game Expo is in 2 Days.

Lets find out.
交易進行: The US Fed Reserve decided to leave interest rates unchanged again, and the Bank of Japan is about to start its QQ program. I have a huntch that the Feds will not raise interest rates for the rest of the year, which is a good thing for the stock market.

As for the chart goes, I see a break out in the middle of October which will shoot us back to the 7 dollar mark. After 3Q earnings i believe we will found around the 8-9 mark. I also believe Jan-July will be an exciting time and a price target of 10+13 will be reached.

I added a lot of Options calls...
I'm about to sell one of my cars just so I can buy $10 Jan 2019 calls.
I own half of my AMD shares still. The other half i sold to buy Options Calls.

Ceteris Paribus.
評論: We're doing good right now. Slow and steady. DD will pay off.

I still believe that we're on track to $8 dollars before or by earnings. Strong sells by the latest RX 400 Polaris cards have been in high gear grabbing up to 5% market share from NVDA. AMD has also entered into the Slot machine/Gaming Industry w/ its latest releases E9269 and E9550. Word on the street is that Vegas has about 15,000 slot machines. And under the Nevada Gaming policies, slot machines have to be refreshed every 6 months or so.

Furthermore, Xbox One sells have reached an all time high in the UK, with over 900% increase Week over Week / Month over Month and Playstation 4 Slim and Pro are all about to enter retail stores by the end of next month.

All good news..

lets see where we go. =)
交易進行: Tomorrow is the big day! Can we touch higher highs? Lets find out!
Ya, Boy!
Marty Young
Hold on, guys! We're about to take off! earnings has been confirmed to be on 10/20 at 5:00 p.m ET. October 21st options are due that Friday as well! We should see a huge pop up. I will update my next 3 month predictions later tonight.
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