NASDAQ:AMD   超微半導體公司
Had a friend tell me that AMD was going to do big things this year and I should buy in. Maybe... or maybe the smart money is already getting out?

This is my first Stock chart. Not investment advice (obviously)
評論: Here is a link to explain the wyckoff pattern:
at the top of the channel... decision time.
交易進行: Dropped some with the rest of the stock market the last couple days... still looking like a wyckoff pattern.
Price is lower than it has been in over a year, but still in the $9.50 - $10.00 support zone. If it doesn't bounce here, it should head down to around $8.00.
no fundamental to drop I think last time the report Q2017 dont push price low
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Brodie_MT El_Majkelo
@El_Majkelo, fair enough... I'm not evaluating any fundamentals, just pointing out that it looks very similar to a wyckoff pattern.
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new GPU processors go in 2018 for a lot of kind laptops
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Brodie_MT El_Majkelo
@El_Majkelo, as long as they work well for mining cryptocurrencies they will be profitable, otherwise, people will flock to their competition.
Brodie_MT Brodie_MT
@Brodie_MT, @El_Majkelo actually have to correct this statement. AMD does make gpus and cpus commonly used for crypto mining. The fundamental item that you may be missing is that if crypto markets crash this year, the demand they were projecting will be pulled out from underneath them.
Thierr Brodie_MT
@Brodie_MT, on price/performance ratio, AMD is very much competing with nvidia & intel. This while only being 5% of both companies - while AMD is making both! In some aspects, AMD is even outperforming the competition. As AMD has stated, crypto mining is not a growth factor they are looking at, mostly just a nice bonus.

Now all intel server cpu's just took up to 30% performance hit, that just opened the server market for AMD - and we might go back to the opteron days (where AMD was trading at 42$)
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@Thierr, thanks for the insight!
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