Stock AMGN [NASD] Amgen Inc = Short Positions

The best entry point to Short Positions = Short-Term / Chart 1 Day
交易進行: Short positions have worked!
評論: Colleagues, the script has changed here, so I'll be out on the rollback!

I advise you to stop looking at Short!

At the price of 185.10 I will leave the position!
Do you short right when it hits the resistance, or do you wait indicators to agree with your bias (ex. Moving Average Crossover)? Thanks.
ReaLTrader PRO Lightninging
@Lightninging, Thank you for asking!

You know, I do not use any indicators in my analysis of the market!

All I need to see is the price chart and the volume. Thus, I am combining the position of a major player and follow it.

Now, for this transaction, we are on the upper border of a large huge outset, if you look at the weekly timeframe. There is also resistance, so I prefer a short position. But if they break through the resistance, then I will go into a loss on a rollback. And later it is possible to buy immediately.
watsonzou26 ReaLTrader
@ReaLTrader, Dude, you are bleeding. i am watching how u get out from here. why do u think price will be back to 185? how about not?
watsonzou26 watsonzou26
@watsonzou26, dividen $1.15 also killing u.
ReaLTrader PRO watsonzou26
@watsonzou26, Yes, I already admitted the mistake yesterday and wrote about it, that positions in shorts are completely canceled)) I'm at a loss, but I will still wait for a rollback of 186 or 188.

I think the price will go up to 180.

The return will be all the same, but if the price continues to swiftly go further up, then I will take the loss completely.
ReaLTrader PRO ReaLTrader

If the short-cut scenario did not work, then I think there will be very good growth to about 210 or 215
watsonzou26 ReaLTrader
@ReaLTrader, so u added short positions?
ReaLTrader PRO watsonzou26
@watsonzou26, Because we are on the top border of the week's outset / flat
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