AMP going long for Oct 10th

As many of you know AMP is going on a public crowdfund, the brownish lines are the prices per AMP fixed by devs to be sold on the crowdfund.

Maturity of project expected for Q2 2017 so we will be having lot of good news until then.

We have a community using mattermost, if u want to participate please write an email to the following address specifying ur username in Poloniex and we will analyze and if approved u will get an invite link,
Any new thoughts on the recent activities? Target still on?
There seems to be quite a gap between prices at poloniex and crowdfunding price right now
insa blushta
yeah price gap is huge, but notice that crowdfund was pointing to raise 1.2m and this far they have 3.3+m raised and still 21 days left for crowdfund to end, so i think AMP will come strong
Wv insa
do you think amp can go to 1 dollar from here? thats almost a 10x return...
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