AMZ, bottoming

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Alerian MLP             Infrastructure Index
is a composite of energy infrastructure Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). The capped, float-adjusted, capitalization-weighted index, whose constituents earn the majority of their cash flow from the transportation, storage, and processing of energy commodities , is disseminated real-time on a price-return basis (AMZI) and on a total-return basis (AMZIX).

while the associated ETF that tracks the parent index is AMLP            

http://www.alpsfunds.com/amlp/ scroll down below and a schematic diagram showing how these LP partners earn their profits

As far as technical channel (log scale) is concern, price seems to be bottoming (there might be data way before 2007)

This is NOT a suggestion to go long though i will put in some :-)
Given the fact that energy business is run using debt, how many such companies will survive in next 5 years, i cant tell, hence it is an extremely risky investment per say

i will also do a comparison to HYG             or JNK            

Following are some of the LP stocks:
EPD             , MMP             , PAA             , BPL             , ETP             , MPLX, WPZ             , SXL             , EEP, OKS, EQM             , GEL, WES             , NGLS             , TLLP, SEP, NS             , DPM             , TCP             , SHLX, ENLK, NGL             , ETE             , EMES and etc

There is no need to long/short each one of them, the best/most promising will be chosen, follow me at your own risk

評論: until HYG breaks hard below the low of that DOJI, i wont panic
評論: HYG daily and 4hrly could make a double bottom
Hi, jang

I've compared AMLP to HYG, and found strong correlation.

Holding AMLP over the long term seems to be equivalent to holding 3x-leveraged HYG, although AMLP does offer a higher dividend. Somehow, I find this very odd, considering that energy companies make up only 9% of HYG.
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jangseohee JohnKeverich
i will update by end of Friday trading on AMZ chart
jangseohee JohnKeverich
now i am able to do the update for AMZ
very very strong bullish hammer on weekly
*is there a risk of more downside, yes, but you never know, i am picking up some related stocks
JohnKeverich jangseohee
It had strong bullish hammers in October and December, and then just crashed lower. Notice how AMZ topped in 2007 long before oil topped. Clearly, this thing is more sensitive to HYG/bond yields than oil price. Do you see any particular reason to be bullish on HYG?

I'm still holding GMLP and DLNG, cause the yields are just too attractive, but I would wait for AMZ to take out its December high, before buying more MLPs
jangseohee JohnKeverich
JohnKeverich jangseohee
Take a look at January 2008: very similar candle, but no bullish follow through. I actully think that short HYG with a stop above 80.85 has a much better R:R
jangseohee JohnKeverich
good observation ^_^
The channel is broken. What do we do?

Personally, I bought these two stocks: DLNG and MGPL
They have yields around 25%, which are not in any immediate danger
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