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APPC was listed yesterday in Binance, but is NOT listed in coinmarketcap. I consider is extremely overvalued. The reasons:

APPC information:
- Circulating Supply: 180,000,000
- Price: 0.00017687 BTC
- $2,93
Market Cap: $528.518.518,5

To make it simple just compare this coin with RCHAIN (RHOC) ranked in coinmarket at 75º

- Circulating Supply: 182.963.195 *
- Price: 0,00016609 BTC
- $2,68

So with that CAP this coin will be ranked 72º. Maybe the project has potential, but it´s an ICO .
Meanwhile is NOT listed in COINMARKETCAP the buyers does not realize the real position and price of the coin.

評論: INFORMATION OF CIRCULATIN SUPPLY (180.000.000) is informed by BINANCE
評論: TOTAL SUPPLY WILL BE: 450.000.000
Completely wrong. Excel831 is right. Current market cap is 750 to 820M with volatility of course. CONSIDERING IT JUST ICO'D. It takes COINMARKETCAP 3 to 7 days to value and place the coin.
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Circulating supply is only 94 mil, 180 is the total number of coins.
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diegomt1986 Excel831
INFORMATION SUPPLY is informed by BINANCE, there is No mistake about that.
froni888 diegomt1986

Am i missing something ? I do believe this coin got the potential to take moon.

Current Value +-
Coin Market Cap
$3 per coin $750,000,000

Near Future Grow
$12 per coin $3,000,000,000

$96 per coin $24,000,000,000

$192 per coin $48,000,000,000

$384 per coin $96,000,000,000 ( Same as ripple )

Total Grow 12500 % ??
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