Currently bullish as it sits above the Ichimoku clouds

if the candles break into this region, expect to see some consolidation until confirmation of a break out.

- Set stop-loss in-case the lower support breaks.

Resistances are your targets.

ideal buy zone hit on my previous private analysis.

*** previous entries***

The candles broke the trendline support (pink). Expecting to see AAPC move down towards the next support.
There might be a slight pump back up to the trendline support (pink) but it should get rejected.

Buy on or near 17180 sats             . Targets are marked in red.
Short to mid hold.
Top ATH             - mid to long hold depending on how much volume picks up.


We hit and bounced off the base of the buy zone. Trend reversal to follow.

1.14.2018 4:10am CST
hit the first target resistance since the time of the previous update.
gain 32%
Retracing back down towards the bottom trendline arrow.
buy under 177.8k sats            

When I hit play on the chart, it shows that you got it wrong
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Why did you steal this chart from Haejin?
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@alex861, Sorry dude, I don't know who that guy is. I think I have enough chart knowledge to come up with my own predictions. I rather trust my own investments based on my own technical analysis rather than following someone else's call.
@mezase @Moum413

Broke lower support. Stop losses should have been triggered depending on how tight placed them.
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celsiusone celsiusone
BTC is wrecking all the ALTS right now.
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How's it looking now?
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