$ARK - promising DPOS coin - preparing my next trade

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
ARK is a very promising project, active team, nice concept and most importantly, DPOS coin.
You don't know what a DPOS coin is? Delegated Proof of Stake

it means, you put your ARK coins in the wallet, you vote for a delegate of your choice, and this delegate is giving you regularly more ARK coins.
If you do the math, that's around 20% passive income yearly, that you get by waiting and doing nothing...

That is what I love most about cryptocurrencies in general, this powerful DPOS concept - and this is adopted not only by ARK, but also by LSK and RISE, both coins I'm invested in.

Now about the daily chart , I believe we're done with the bottom, we broke the down trend and we're slowly going up.
we have some resistance levels but after we break them, we go into the stratosphere!
This could take some time though, however impredictible depending on the BTC price, so if you're looking to start a position in ARK like me, now is the time.

Buy the coins, put them in the wallet, vote for a delegate and enjoy the profits!

If questions, let me know.
Thanks in advance for your likes and follows.
ARK is moving...
If BTC moves onwards and hits 14k in the coming month or two does ARK have the potential to still keep its run? We're following a chart based on old satoshi values here and most people are trading to get more dollars and not bitcoins right now.
As always, really great insight! And thanks for sharing all the background info too. By any chance do you know if there's an optimal minimum amount of coins you should have to make staking beneficial or does it even matter? Thanks again!!
CoingetterD sherices
@sherices, there is a page with the delegate proposals and many have no minimum amounts also some of them have a calculator link along with the proposal so you can get an idea of how many ARK you can earn some pay daily some pay weekly I'll see if I can find it
sherices CoingetterD
@CoingetterD, thanks so much! That would be great, I really appreciate your time! I found this link - and this one: --it looks like I may need this to get started: I started off with a small buy (30) so I'm wondering if it will still be viable. I may need to get more.
sherices CoingetterD
@CoingetterD (& @TheBigNova) after doing a bit more research, it looks like it probably won't be viable for me unless I get a lot more. I may hold it for long term value and build on it but just in case, do you know what a shorter term target might be for profits? Sorry for all the noob questions!
TheBigNova sherices
@sherices, yes, the more the better, but around 100 should be a good start. short term, the coin looks like it's starting something right now...
sherices TheBigNova
@TheBigNova, ok thanks!
sherices TheBigNova
@TheBigNova, thanks again for the tips -- I was wondering what you thought a good re-entry point would be to get some more. I'm thinking about cashing out of some of my Ethereum. On another note, how do you feel about the Crypto Kitty thing and its effect on Ethereum? I'm wondering if Ethereum is in the middle of a correction about to advance again or if sentiments might be changing.
TheBigNova sherices
@sherices, ARK retraced quite heavily after BTC new ATH. it's a good entry point. Crypto Kitty is very positive for ETH as a very effective promotion method to the masses. The congestion in the Ethereum network is temporary. I'm actually waiting for ETH to go to 600 USD after this BTC drama is over.
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