Is ARK future google of Cryptoccurency ?

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
I was searching and checking all the information about this coin.

Technical analysis - there is one very strong support/ressistance which is playing big role on the chart. It is highest high which was created after lunch of the coin on the Bittrex. I marked with circles the places where pair was rejected and eventually breached. It is also Fibonacci level 23.6% and it looks like it stopped value depreciation for time being.

This token to me is something bigger then ethereum on long run. There is ton of information about ark on the web which are casting bright light on the future of this project. my opinion it is very good time to buy.

It is hard to say where the target is but 31k or more is for me quite possible.

If you think I;m wrong or have some valuable information feel free to comment,
I'm not sure if I understand smartbridges(I'm still learning about it) but there is possibility:
If U can make transaction on any other blockchain with use of ark there will be no need to buy ethereum and the other cryptos. I would expect that other currencies market cap will move to ark.
mrafailov Krystiannwk
@Krystiannwk, they are working on push-button blockchain deployment where you literally plug in a few settings and clone ARK blockchain with those settings then and there. Using smartbidge, all blockchains are able to communicate with one another and the original ARK blockchain acts as the 'master' blockchain.
Krystiannwk mrafailov

thank U for explanation, doesn't mean that when operating with smartbridge U are using just ark or U need the other blockchain tokens as well?
Queens1313 Krystiannwk
@Krystiannwk, Thank you for the new analysis!
Krystiannwk Queens1313
U welcome
fisicomin PatriceB
@PatriceB, 311k (you can see it on the top of green part)
PatriceB fisicomin
@fisicomin, i hope you're right :-)
fisicomin PatriceB
@PatriceB, I hope Krystiannwk
is right :D
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