My value channel strategy

ETF investment strategy.
Long-term (3 yr)
Using my proprietary value channel strategy.
Ideal for use with long-term trending ETF's, Index ETF's work especially well.
It is based on a modified mean reversion strategy.
You can use same principles and strategies as Keltner Channels and B.Bands to get started for testing.
However, I suggest you tweak it to what works best for you and your lifestyle and make it your own and that you can trust.

1. Create trend channel.
2. buy on lows. Keep it simple.
3. Add fixed amount monthly, at low swings.
4. Never trade or invest with more than you can afford to lose.
5. Always use a stop-loss strategy.
6. For educational purposes only.
7. I am actively invested in this ETF .

Yes, it works on stocks as well, they must be trending, see tech stocks for example.
Use the last strong trend to create your baseline for your channel.

And yes you can change and update the channel as required. Monthly or Quarterly as needed. The channel is not fixed, but dynamic.
You can use the pitchfork tool or trend channel tool to draw the channels if you don't like to draw lines.

評論: Entering channel bottom - watch for area to add position.
Or re-enter if your TSL triggered from that last large pulse.
交易進行: Still in Play, had a decent pullback in Dec, to add more position. Buy and Hold.
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