AERON (ARN): 4000% UP potential!

BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
Hi everyone,
I believe Aeron might go for a bullish run. I think that this project is a good long-term holding and this might just be the right time to buy in.

There are only 13,000,000 ARN-tokens, meaning the supply is relatively low. With a current price of 5.50$, this coin has a lot of growth potential!

The market cap has grown exponentially since January 6th             , so I smell some money silently flowing in the market. It has gone from a 17,741,500 to a 108,507,000 market cap in one day. (January 6th             to January 7th). And its holding pretty good at a $70.935.800 USD market cap right now.

That is a x10 market cap in four days

From a technical point of view, it can make a drop to PRZ 1 or 2, before making the big impulsive move to the upside. If it makes this move, that 200% move to the upside is just the beginning of a bullish run.

I think this project is very much undervalued and i can easily see it sitting in the Top 20, around the 3-billion market cap. Considering the fact that the market cap is only 71 million right now, it can grow around x40 times before reaching a 3 billion dollar market cap. Making it a Top 20 coin and having a price of around 220$ per ARN-token.

A break above the blue descending trendline , would mean the beast is alive.

評論: PRZ 1 has been hit, i can see scenarios.

!) Move up from here.
2) Jump to PRZ 2, and move up

評論: Broke out of the descending trendline at PRZ 1;

Possibly more upside now.
評論: If we break out of the descending trendline, i can see a scenario where we move up to the 0.618-levels and make a ABC-correction, before breaking the ATH's.

評論: We might have a breakout here. The same patterns which repeat themselves over and over again are a nice reflection of how the fractal nature of markets work
評論: Made a flash crash to PRZ2; spiked to jezus himself. Expecting upside from here, if it holds.

investors, let it run. Traders, watch it closely.
評論: If we have an hourly close above the blue descending trendline. then the first resistance will be around the 0.00055000-levels.

評論: Correcting in a channel. Having some RSI-divergence. Can move up from here:
評論: Another drop to PRZ 2.
評論: Finally broke out of that correction-channel :
評論: Short summary; went to PRZ 2, and moved up: as expected.. nothing crazy going on here.
評論: Up, or down? ;)
評論: Matter of time before we break out:
Any updates? When do you think 4000% is happening?
artm92a angrychicken
@angrychicken, Its long term, be patient.. Markets are not in a impulse right now..
what do you think now? i am still hold i will hold it till the 15th FEB before the strategy partnership on 28 news i will sell before that with new ATH . just though
artm92a mngr2018
@mngr2018, Hold, selling now is stupid.
mngr2018 artm92a

chk this and waiting your feedback
artm92a mngr2018
@mngr2018, Yes, will most likely do that move ;)
I invested in your fucking coin, I lose 30% of my money, go fuck yourself.
+1 回覆
artm92a NoeSanx
@NoeSanx, Shouldn't have sold, now you lose. Now go fuck yourself ;)
@artm92a, i invested in your coin and win 45% of my money, bless you dude LOL
artm92a Richard_Peterson
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