AUDCHF, Flag&RSI Divergence&SupportLine,4H-1D, Buy

FX:AUDCHF   澳幣/瑞士法郎
We see flag formation in 1H chart. In addition, the flag has come to the support area seen from the 1H chart, and we see the price as directed upward in the RSI chart in 1H.

On the daily chart , the price tried to break the strong support 3 times, but it did not break. The daily chart also shows RSI divergence. If the 1H flag is broken and the price continues to move upwards, there may be a trend change.

Short term and small SL can be used at level 0.73110. For a longer period of time, a SL of 0.72436 can be used.
If the price continues to rise, it may enter into the channel shown in the weekly chart and move in the channel direction. In this case, long term.


評論: good boy. did you read the my comment.
評論: go baby.
評論: SL move to entry point. We are waiting second entry area.
評論: new entering opportunity can occur. did you check 1w chart?

評論: yeess, last entry point is working
評論: Maybe it can be new enter oppurtunity.
交易進行: good boy.
交易結束:目標達成: TP1 reached. T2 running
評論: new entry point
交易結束:目標達成: tp2 ok.
new entry point
交易結束:目標達成: 290 pip. closed :)
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Great job master
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