An example of how to spot a good trade #forex

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Friends, I haven't had time to post any of my trades in recent days. So i thought i would post some of the trades I took recently. I know this is after fact, but the aim is just to share the knowledge and experience. I made 4 trades, 3 winners and one loser. I will post them throughout the week as i am taking a small rest from markets during the election week.

This is an example of finding areas of interest on the daily chart then moving to the lower time frame for the trigger.

  • On the left hand side daily chart , by the end of october the price was testing a a key area where the long term falling trend line meets the 200-days simple moving average . At that stage, i was monitoring the pair for signs of a bearish reversal to confirm a rejection of that resistance area , especially that the daily RSI was showing a bearish divergence as well.

  • I moved to the four-hour chart awaiting the trigger. In this particular case, the trigger was a three drive pattern that evolved and completed at 80.54. The price was making new highs but the RSI wasn't yet signalling a divergence on the four-hour chart as well.

  • Afterwards, the price formed a small hanging man candle on the four-hour chart, and accordingly and due to all these signals it was a setup that was worth taking. I initiated a short at the opening of the candle following the hanging man . My target was at the first major daily support level . My stop was above the 1.618 extension for the latest bearish wave(x-y) as shown on chart. That resulted in a 2.7 risk to reward.
I hope this example will help you think and spot better trades in the future
My best regards,
one more trade after fact lol
Well said
Awesome! I have some great success in trading but i admire your ability to articulate and teach so effectively. Kudos!
Thank you for your insight and articulation. It was very helpful in understanding the rationale behind the trade, much appreciated.
Really valuable and informative
Thanks for sharing.
Out of curiosity: do you have any information of past results, ie. a track record of your forex trading? Charts look solid.
Thanks for sharing ..thanks for the course !!
It's reall nice, thank you sir!
Thanks for sharing. Appreciate your knowledge and experience
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