AUD/JPY - Pattern Confluence

FX:AUDJPY   澳幣 / 日圓
Wow this is huge! Today we have AUD/JPY on the 4h chart with a lot of confluence around the 81.500 level.

At this level, price will form a valid bullish crab pattern and the C point of two bearish 5-0 patterns.

I'm absolutely loving the look of this setup already!

That exact same level is a pivot support in the market as shown below.

I'll be looking for additional confirmation to go long, if successful it will soon be followed by a short position around 84.800

I'd like to thank you all for your continued support, keep sharing and liking my ideas.

Feel free to connect with me on social media :)
評論: One more drop before entry, get ready!

交易進行: I'm heading out for a while, entering early but still using the same SL and TP.

Feel free to wait for more confirmation.
評論: Watch the gap :)
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very good entry and trade , thanks king Lewis
@samehisk, you're welcome my man! Thank you
so do you think the gap is going to fill?
@mrmtch1, I see a move to 84.850, don't think it'll fill short term
I was planning to get on this trade as soon as the market open... the saw the gap lol: congrats on the peeps that was in and made profit
LewisGlasgow fender0strat
@fender0strat, there's always another one coming :) I appreciate that, good to see a lot of people making profit.
i got out for now, in case gap closes, rather have some profit money for now and enter later when lower, hope thats a good move?
@Rossouw, that was a good decision, never let a big winner become a loser!
Excellent Job.

Thanks bro.
LewisGlasgow Francoisss
@Francoisss, you're welcome man
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