AUDNZD: 2017 AU$ appreciated +600 pips Low to High before March

FX:AUDNZD   澳幣 / 紐元

Someone called me 'dramatic' I just love it! Let's keep having fun while 'banking' a more dimmes (Ocean Thirteen). Sure, going back to the idea.

1)Last year, between January and April this cross appreciate 660-pips from the low in Jan. 1.0323 handle to the high in March 1.1017 handle.

2)What if it continues, after all, RBA seems to be eager to move soon to reduce households debt and tight a bit over there. Yes, you haven't heard, right? Well, It seems Real Estate went out of control in Sydney and now consumers are far too in debt (where have I seen this...?)

3)NZ$ as usual, vulnerable on the dairy front, milk not milking it.

4)A primitive analysis I know, but could 2018 be the 'Continuation Year' not too different from the $EURUSD or $GBPUSD long trades.

5)I should be playing this with a full standard lot, just for the records.
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