AUDNZD ....we all the way up!

FX:AUDNZD   澳幣/紐元
80 3
Target 1 1.05444
Good afternoon..did you read in UJ my post yesterday? (I forgot to mention that 2 more "Experts" said YES! to 115.50 also) About efxnews suggesting a move to 120 and new prediction by one other .. USD JPY possibly to 126.. a very old Support & Resistence. Where you are right now seems to be a safe(r) trade than the freakin' Dollar. I will look into this new trade of yours .. research the AUD $ when you can for signs of weakness. I heard about TWO possible rate cuts from ONE OF these Antipodeans.... Best-of-Luck here !! :)
RichFish404 RrrussT1
@RrrussT1, you rock @RrrussT1 Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I'll stay in touch.
RichFish404 RrrussT1
@RrrussT1, and yes, i did read your UJ comment.
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