LONG after crossing SMA50 and SMA100

FX:AUDUSD   澳幣 / 美元
SMA50 used to be quite good resistance level earlier, so at that pair I decided not to play from the bottom of channel, but wait a while to see if chart will cross SMA50 and SMA100. If it will happened, I will start opening long positions and keep it to the channel top.
It seems, that weekend american strikes in Syria doesn't affects market that much, but we should watch the chart more carefully when european market will start.
評論: I forgot to write that I have one small position I bought yesterday when chart crossed SMA50/SMA100. If the price will go down, I will close that position and wait for other opportunity. Maybe I will try to buy at the channel bottom to quit right below SMAs, and then open position again just like i wrote above.
Passing channel bottom will not be very important sign to exit position, I will definietly wait few days to see how situation will look like. Of course if fundamental analysis and news wont be favorable, I will exit long earlier.
評論: In about three hours we will get minutes of latest Reserve Bank of Australia policy setting meeting.
評論: AUDUSD went down a little bit, but it still look very bullish. I'm holding my one position and wait for crossing SMAs to buy more.
The price is low right now and I believe that it will make us good money in next few weeks and months.
交易進行: OK, I entered the position again. Trade is active.
評論: OK, I'm buying more at the bottom of channel. If price will fall below border of channel I will wait few days to decide if I want to exeit position. If not, plan is like it was from the beginning.
If you look at this channel, you can see that there was two or three situations, that price rejected channel bottom line twice - I hope it is similar situation now.
評論: I'm so confused - should I close the position or keep it. I don't like to loose money, so closing seems to be good choice, but without any emotions I wrote, that when chart will go below bottom of the channel I will wait few days to see how situation will develop.
Trading is fighting with our own emotions - mindset is much more important than any strategy :) I'm always accepting loses with humility and I know it is part of game we are in, but still, after years of trading I feel uncomfortable watching my positions on red.
I think it's time for a walk or gym to clear my mind.
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