AUDUSD outlook (swing trade)

FX:AUDUSD   澳幣 / 美元
#Channel up
Audusd             inside channel up and almost hit support trendline . If support touch,, we can set buy and aim for resistance around 0.8423

#falling wedge
As we can see at previous wave, this pair perfrom falling wedge before hit support, and now it perform same pattern again. Break up this pattern will be very ptofitable

#ABCD fibonacci retracement
at 2017, this pair perform ABCD pattern and success to hit and break up target at 1.618.
Now we are near to second 0.618 retracement at 0.7637
If this level touch, we can set bullish with 1.618 target at 0.8423
If target reach, it will perfrom bearish three drives pattern at next wave.

Good luck
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What is the buy limit? Is this trade active yet?
Falling Wedge + Sentiment of weak usd long term. Good setup, very much so
It will be interesting to see if it does reach .8423, since that value hasn't been seen since late 2014. 200d MA may also provide support around C target as well.
Where should we set up the buy limit
Thanks for the analysis...
Great eye to spot the move my friend, sending thanks from China!
Thank you so much for the analysis. Just a question could this mean we might go long on gold as well?

Thank you in advance
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