Log AUDUSD For Potential Upside To 0.7400

FX:AUDUSD   澳幣/美元
17 1
RBA is on hold and New Zealand Dollar can falter because of weak dairy price. These two things can provide good enough upside to Australian dollar in our opinion. To keep it simple,
we are long from 0.7208 and would like to add if it goes near 0.7150.
RBA is on hold, China stimulus, New Zealand Dollar weakness due to weak dairy price are the ingredients for the upside for Australian Dollar. Quick spark might come from AUD/NZD buying ( which is another pair we are interested to get long from decent levels ).
To keep it simple,
We are long from 0.7208 and would like to add to the position near 0.7150 if it goes lower. Besides we will keep jobbing the position between 0.7190 and 0.7250 with upside bias to bring the break even lower.
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