AUDUSD Rallies But Remains Technical Short

FX:AUDUSD   澳幣 / 美元
On May 9, MacroView issued a short idea on AUDUSD and highlighted the strong correlations with copper and gold , which we would see the trifecta fall 2.93 percent, 4.90 percent and 6.68 percent respectively.

We've seen all three etch out bottoms in early June, yet copper is retesting those lows on unexpected increases in inventories. The AUDUSD went big following the Reserve Bank of Australia holding their key benchmark to 1.75 percent. Unfortunately, this will be short-lived. The central bank's policy will strongly be tethered to the economic performance of China.

Technically, we see price resistance at .7520 with a breakout potential to .7645 since the move does have relative strength in momentum. However, the weekly technicals still show a picture of lackluster upside potential.

Intermediately, the z-score is at a very high 2.6 (+/- 2 are a great contrarian indicator).

Trade posted on chart. Updates will be provided.

For more information on MacroView's products, or general questions and comments, feel free to message us.

Also, readers are encouraged to post their thoughts and charts!
I am expecting for a pullback to 0.7300 maximally, do you really think the price can retrace that deep? I doubt it.
Yes. It's not intended to be a quick trade. I prefer it work itself into a more overbought scenario, but 390 pips over 10 sessions is possible. Im looking for it retrace to key points.
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