BABA bullish gartley pattern

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NYSE:BABA   阿里巴巴集團控股公司
BABA has a bullish gartley pattern here while its peer is having some troubles recently.
As it's actually not really a systematic risk on the sector but some personal affairs, it may create some buy-low opportunity for BABA.

Based on the pre-market movement, BABA currently is at the 167.00 fig spot.
Of course I have no intention to catch the falling knife, so I'll be waiting for intraday reversal sign off the open.
Even if this bullish pattern failed, 160-163 gap of BABA is still very attractive to take some long,
which will be another spot that I am interesting in potential reversal signs.

Let's see how it goes!

it didn't give any reversal sign and broke down the pattern,
the pattern trade cancelled;

While it hit the 160-163 gap and bounced a little bit, that makes me still interesting in looking for long trades today.

inside day here, see you next week yo!

broke to the downside! this trade cancelled!