Basic Attention Token (BAT) - Cup And Handle?

BITTREX:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
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BAT - Basic Attention Token looks like it is forming a Cup And Handle .
Cup and Handle began forming in October 3rd.
The Handle is halfway complete, final chances to buy in at cheap.
評論: The Handle is also unable to breach a long term support level of 0.00004758. Actually seems like it may double bottom on that level before completing the Handle.

The full formation of a handle is not confirmed, but MACD and RSI on 4 hr are showing signs of seller exhaustion and ready to pinch upward.

Seeing that it took the formation of a Cup and Handle 2.5 months for form, my guess is that when the Cup And Handle is confirmed... lightning will strike.

Your thoughts are appreciated.
Why close trade
dream300zx onyiuzo
@onyiuzo, I was counting on the cup and handle to actually happen, but in the end the downtrend market was too strong and pulled BAT down with it. BAT is still a super awesome coin with an actual working product (Brave Browser), but for now, cryptocurrency market still hasn't recovered. I'm only closing because pattern has been proven to be wrong and no longer valid. I should have closed it back in mid January honestly.
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