BAT Waking Up Soon - Accumulate now!

BITTREX:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
A bullish ascending triangle is starting to clearly show up on BAT. If BAT is able to break the resitance at 7000 satoshis, we will be heading towards the next resistance at 9000 satoshis!

BAT is releasing "Mercury" on the 6th of October which makes this the ideal time to accumulate BAT for a quick profit. BAT is a solid project by Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript and Mozilla and I consider it one of the safe long-term holds too.

BUY: 0.00005700
TARGET PROFIT 1: 0.00006950 (22% PROFIT)
STOP LOSS: If we see a full formed candle under the red support line on the daily chart .

You can buy back into BAT once we get a confirmation of 7000 satoshi resistance being broken. You can buy back at:

2ND BUY: 0.00007150 (Once price breaks thru Yellow Line)
TARGET PROFIT 2: 0.00008950
STOP LOSS: 0.00006900

Good luck. Trade at your own due diligence and remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.
評論: Tighten your seatbelts! BAT will breakout soon.
評論: BAT delayed their release for a week as noted in their Tweet:

"Mercury nearly live! Preview available on 10/6 via @github (testers welcome!), & BAT-enabled browser release next week." (Reference:

There is a chance that we break the current support channel within the next day or two with the next support level of 4600 sats. The target profits are the same but shifted for a week once "Mercury" is released.

I sold 50% of my BAT holdings at 5700 and will see how market moves from here. Buying back at 4600-4800 sats.

Good luck.
評論: Since "Mercury" release has been delayed for a week. The chart above is invalid (As it was created in anticipation for release date being today). Please follow my new BAT analysis thru this link. There is a 65% profit potential this week in anticipation of the coming news and BAT market condition:

On the point :-)
Right on
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