BCD/BTC looking to continue insane uptrend

BINANCE:BCDBTC   Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin
240 3
After BCD's crazy run today we are looking to break out and perhaps continue reaching for the moon.

We have broken through the trend line and kept away from our support at the 0.008 sats range.

Good bullish indicators with room to grow on the RSI and MACD as well.

This is a tricky trade which can move really fast so keep an eye on this one.

I'm personally reloading at this level and waiting for the next pump.

Happy trading!
評論: Slight dip in the price but buying pressure, MACD and RSI still look good.

Keep in mind this is the 15m, on the 1hr and 4hr this trade still looks fantastic.

But we must keep in mind this is likely an organised pNd of some sort, set your stop loss where you must, mine is in red.
Good analysis im watching this trade closely got in 40 mins ago.
Flash_back jonny2plates
@jonny2plates, Thanks, it really is displaying some classic form and signals.

I got in early, woke up yesterday to find this doom worm reaching for the sky, made some good bank but it was like riding a cobra!

Funny enough, the first pump started exactly 24hrs ago around midnight EST and now seems to be happening again.

Buckle up!
jonny2plates Flash_back
@Flash_back, Yeah set stop loss at similar level.
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