BCD Forgotten Coin Ready to Break Out

BINANCE:BCDBTC   Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin
I believe we have reached Bitcoin Diamond's base. Recently a wallet was released for the coin along with other features presented on their twitter.
The developers still seem to be anonymous, but I think it will be a great long term hold for 2018 with the upcoming turbulence in the US Dollar and the potential flood of people trying to move into Bitcoin will only result in overwhelming the chain and people piling over into bitcoin derivatives. Altcoins may not experience easy high rises as of late due to less new money flowing into exchanges since people are no longer allowed to make accounts on bittrex and binance up until an unknown date.

From Twitter:
1. Faster Transactions
2. Implemented Segwit
3. Increased block size to 8mb
4. Encryption of Balances
5. Encryption of Transactions
交易進行: Poking up!
交易進行: 2858 is the first-wave center
交易進行: Boom! 100%!
評論: Forming an ascending wedge (bear indicator, it'll most likely drop at the tip of the wedge)
評論: Regular pennant flag, another run?
評論: Forgot to add the last part to the description;
Donation Address if I helped you out:

Also looks like we are heading for another run
評論: Out for a correction for a while I think after all of that pumping up
Not long now if it's going to pump again!
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your now offically a trader god
Thomas i followed you on both Tradingview and Twitter. whatever you predict please post it on twitter too. because twitter app alerts me faster.
thomas58700 Gowthamkumar
@Gowthamkumar, My tradingview now auto-posts to twitter
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when reup to 200$???
Can someone PLEASE give me some advice on trading psychology? Got in with approx 1000 $ at the very bottom. Sold off 80% at +250%. It kept rising to 0.014000 or something, but then I sold another 75% of what I had left, managing to hit exactly that drop around 0.0800 before it went back up to 0.011000. Then it gradually started to consolidating. Sold off the rest I had, again around 0.0800 before moments after it shot up to 0.011000 again! Don't get me wrong here, I'm super happy I got in at the right time, but a noob like me obviously need some advice on when to sell haha.
@ANTONSSON, I think you did great! no one went broke by closing profits...
I wish I would've seen this earlier today. I saw it as it at 500% and knew "this guy knows his stuff".
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