Bitcoin has proven once again its highly repetitive nature. Whilst many people have called for the death of Bitcoin over the past few years, it has simply done what it always does and that is repeat. Many people have missed this by not looking at the bigger picture. Bitcoin has just played out over the past 3 years and is continuing to play out what happened during 2013 only on a larger time frame and has already begun the launch higher. Most importantly this coincides with the infamous Bitcoin 235 day cycle. This cycle was derived from the early days of bitcoin trading where each of the first four major tops from all time highs fell exactly 235 days apart. Since the bear market that began in 2014 the 235 day cycle could no longer coincide with new all time high tops but instead continued to top with bull runs that happened in the lead up and to this day has yet to be proven wrong. The next 235 day cycle tops on October 9.

Expect chaos on the way up. Expect candles over $1000 from high to low. Expect inexperienced traders to be wiped out along the way. There is no safe entry price or safe stop loss only a target of $10k on October 9. Bookmark this chart.
評論: If you shorted from the top. Relong at 1850-2000 and you will be set for the next huge leg up.
評論: An IH&S ended up being what played out. Longed it from the bottom but not confirmed yet. If you don't want to long it just yet you can wait until the neckline at the top breaks.
評論: Next target: $4200-4000 area.
評論: Next leg up starting; wedge broke to the upside.
交易進行: Target will be 2 weeks late but predicted 6 months in advance. I think thats pretty good.
How do you think the segwit2x fud will affect your prediction ?
"Pretty good" indeed... Impressive! Hats off!
Is this still possible despite the actual fall in your opinion ?
STIA Indeep
@Indeep, Yes.
You don't think the august event will influence this target? You think the target will be reached before or after that date when the forking is scheduled?
STIA ZoltanBalogh
@ZoltanBalogh We are looking at a number of different scenarios right now and we just have to take one step at a time. I definitely think at this point I will be selling/shorting prior to August 1, and it is also possible to reach the 10-12k target before that date.
@STIA, If we make it to that target before august, it will be the most obvious short in history. I for one can't see 10k happening before the fork consequences. If it does happen its clearly a sign of a bubble(considering the current fundementals).
as i understand from your comment: "Relong at 1850-2000" means that we are expecting further correction to 1850-2000 range? thanks.
STIA erelerel
@erelerel, Thats what i'm expecting yes. Haven't closed my short just yet, but have lost a fair bit of profit on it right now. If it comes up much further from here on exchanges like Bitfinex, I'd close and have to look to plan my next long entry.
+1 回覆
@STIA, ok thanks for reply. great. i will waiting for that range to get position then. thank you :)
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