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Roger that pamp .

Thanks Chaz for the idea.

Looking at many previous bull runs, we sometimes get the double bottom new low then a large run up. In this case I dunno if were starting wave 3, or just a retrace of the pump, hard fork news comes in a couple months or whatever about the segwit2x stuff (but probably nothing will happen - still ppl will take advantage)

Other info on chart.
評論: may be breaking down, or may be a fakeout down, well know soon enough.
評論: should be fine
評論: reduced my position from .13 buys, took a hit, reduced risk and placed on a couple other alts that are moving up. THis will be worth watching. ~.135+ acting as support should be a decent long entry.
its not breaking down its due to the market conditions today, bad news pulled out a lot of money...bch remained pretty stable, lets hope the 2nd time it breaks out successfully
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@EliasVigl, yes, for now still in range, in the end i think as long as btc stable, we should be ok for a few alts (including this one)
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