BCH On The Move Up Again

KRAKEN:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
So how'd you do when S. Korea made all those rabid announcements about shutting all their exchanges down? That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Many of us were also thinking that another drop for a double bottom could come after that episode. Still possible so don't write that off. All seems to be news driven and not the technology itself which is good.

Anyway I thought I read that OKCoin is moving to S. Korea to open up their exchange there? If true then we don't have to worry about S. Korea going negative on crypto anymore.

So BCH (and everyone else) is following BTC             nicely right now. When the market dropped I held. But 24hrs. ago the market seemed ready for that second leg down. So I sold a small portion off just in case but held the majority. Then the US govt             . had their shutdown and crypto exploded upward at 9PM PST or 2400 EST at that exact time. Perfect. I'm still in the game with a strong hand.

Now we have the possibility of hitting 2360 or so (0.61 Fib) and then mini-correcting down to 1900 or so (last support) and then moving up again higher to 2670 (0.50 Fib). All depends on bounces, drops, strengths, and news.

The 1 day MACD looks to be climbing upward well with room on the RSI .

Time will tell. Good luck!
評論: Also if you look at the 1HR chart there are some minor resistances along the way; such as 2100.

評論: Remember this? ---> Also if you look at the 1HR chart there are some minor resistances along the way; such as 2100.

That was a lot more than minor resistance. It dropped strong from that point. I kept some and sold some. Bought in lower and sold a bit higher as this could have another go for the down slope just as BTC might as well.
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