BITSTAMP:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
780 9
Broke through resistance, now resistance becomes support, we will bounce here
South Korea FUD ruined the market just a few hours ago. Unsure whether this will alter trends or not.
Unless BTC keeps going down. Be careful.
Not so fast. I have a feeling it will hit and bounce somewhere around 2200 tonight.
money78 Smoak
@Smoak, You were right it did!
Smoak money78
@money78, @money78, we all get lucky every once in awhile! I'm thinking we'll see another push down within the next 12 hours.
Why everybody is not seeing the real situation?, since the coin reach 20 is going down. Tomorrow, or one or two weeks, a month Bitcoin will go further down.
MeatyFeet diegomt1986
@diegomt1986, Thats called consolidation?
Isn’t most crypto going down due to South Korea planning to enforce a bill that will ban cryptocurrencies in their country?
I hope this is correct!
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