BCH flag formation

Target: 585, Stop: 460, Buy at: 505.

2x will be a disaster imo . The core chain will grind to a halt and force core to hardfork their PoW algorithm. BCH will test 3k if this happens.
交易進行: Approaching Buy price, looks like the next candle will be a large green, pushing through our buy-in price. Stay put.
評論: High volume coming in, looks like we're ready for a push through resistance. Hopefully we break the 511-520 resistance. Korea looks to be pushing many buy orders. Sell walls are being eaten on Bithumb
交易結束:目標達成: Target reached. I didnt close, but this trade is over for those who followed.
It went to 545 then back to 520 then cause of crazy BTC rise fall to 495, now that BTC pump looks over, its recovering corecrly i think we can soon see 585 and much much more
SrikanthSrinivas CryptoCyberpunk
@MiljanMarkovic, We will see 600-700 BCh before 2x fork. And then after that, we will see huge rally till new ATH. I am almost sure of this, miners are secretly colluding backdoor.
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CryptoCyberpunk SrikanthSrinivas
@SrikanthSrinivas, it went to 575 but fall to 530 it seems like its following BTC right now, btc droped from 7300 to below 6900 and bch followed.
I agree with this, BCH acting very strong let's see what happens.
Do you guys see a Cup & Handle pattern on that chart? What do you think?
@Chiarox, I don't think a cup and handle is forming. It won't complete. We will break out before the completion.. However, I believe that a wycoff accumulation may be in play at the moment.
Dam, I bought bch with btc, how will this impact my big holdings
@Ginossim, You will make a killing in a few months.
I concur.
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