Extremely Risky #Elliottwaves Pattern in Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash traced out 3 waves to the downside from its December 20th high. Right now it is in acute emergency given its longer term wave structure up until now. Followthrough of the current wave into another low means that it traced out an impulse from the Dec. 20th high. Moreover it would leave us with a completed double zig-zag pattern to the upside since the coin's inception. That would be reason enough to call "Game Over Bitcoin Cash"!

We are right now patient until we see either a confirmation to the downside or upside for a trade.
交易結束:目標達成: No longer updated. Pls refer to our BCH post from Jan. 23 on the lates updates of this instrument.
Having been added to Coinbase recently, I don't see this coin going anywhere soon.
plus there's no hash power
"Game Over Bitcoin Cash"!!!
ps i don't think it'll die but it's not the btc killer the moonkids want it to be...
@qdoc, The setup is really severe if confirmed... If it keeps on existing or not is probably a technology and marketing question. Some cryptos may continue existing but definitely not all as their public offering has been inflationary.
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qdoc sciencei
@sciencei, yes I've never really had 'faith' in this coin. I had 60. I sodl early at 100% profit. Money is faith. There are only two coins I think are absolutely here for the medium term btc and eth. Eth for the longterm likely. Cryptoverse is safe as a whole for upto decade. Fiat money and equities will die within a few years. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, there is only one true money and it's biblical ;-)
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