BITFINEX:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
Target: $2100
Stop-Loss: $1515

Bullish flag , symmetry with the pervious move up. Also Approaching mid-term trend line where it should bounce if it fails to break out of the flag beforehand. I have given 3 options on how it will play out. Target is correlated with the 1.618% fib level established from the previous all time high. Be careful of a break of this mid-term trend line . Good luck and message me with any suggestions on how i can make these charts easier to read for you.
評論: Touching support line and should bounce. If it breaks, exit the trade.
@x2012cit Thanks for this. Easy to read. Fingers crossed it comes through. There are so many TA's calling for bullish moves but BCH still seems to resist which is a bit disappointing. Probably cause Big Bro is on the move.
@Fonzi, Thank you. I've seen the same, I hope I provided a different angle on how the move could occur.
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