Bitcoin Cash Elliott Wave Count

POLONIEX:BCHUSDT   Bitcoin Cash / Tether USD

Bitcoin Cash has made a 5-wave uptrend since it’s fork on August 2017, moving from about $290 USDT to $4,200 USDT, as seen in the chart.

Since then it has start and ABC 3 wave consolidation, were wave A decline from $4,200 USDT to $1,800 USDT, and we are currently in wave B. Wave B is symmetrical triangle, https://www.freeonlinetradingeducation.c... , which could last a while before we break out of it.

The Elliott Wave Count on this chart suggest we should break downwards out of this triangle, with a price target of about $1,200 USDT or lower.

I’m waiting for lower prices and maybe a couple of weeks or months to jump into this baby.

Good Luck to You
取消訂單: My Elliott Wave Count got invalidated today with today move. Even worst, it broke the triangle to the downside and then almost immediately broke it back up with a huge candle today, sort of making Bullish Wick.

So, the alternative count suggests we are still in the last 5th wave of this bullish move, with all-time highs expected soon.

Here is the new count:

And as a disclosure I am now long in it.

Good Luck in your decisions
交易結束:達到停損點: Out again. This is one thoug cocky, breaks the triangle down, then up again, then down again.

Pattern not working.

Staying in out and in cash for now.
never gonna happen
MexCrypto cristianbanica
@cristianbanica, seems like you were right on these one. But now that it has decisively broke the triangle to the upside I am long in it. Good luck to you.
@MexCrypto, good luck, bright future ahead for bch
MexCrypto cristianbanica
@cristianbanica, out of BCH, pattern not working, it broke to the downside.
@MexCrypto, patience is a virtue...
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