BCNBTC Long Potential

POLONIEX:BCNBTC   Bytecoin / Bitcoin
Due to my involvement with CrowdCoin as well as me working on ring signature protocols before, there can be some bias in my favoring Bytecoin's protocols. However, the two technologies are different. Bytecoin is basically sort of a lighter, and more in tact variation of Monero type technology. They follow a huge part of the cryptonote's foundation protocol when it comes to merkle roots and ring signature but use regular mining that isn't heavily influenced by master-node or consensus type systems. In terms of its technology, it has potential to gain more market acceptance and higher price. Also as a short calling, it is expected to beat its almost $0.0079 high point soon. The potential for a long with medium to high risk can be potentially past 175% returns given retracement patterns or another likely bullish run.
Lowest pricing make a huge of profit.
I'm looking at this one as a dark horse for 2018. This price is a magnet to new money. May not see 1000% gains but then again it could see 100% + gains at least a few times this year. I think your idea here could read better if your risk analysis was less conservative. Minimal to medium risk 175% returns this month alone.
@cryptyx, my strategy revolves around the actual mathematical potential of another bullish run. That is the most conservative it gets. Most of my strategies on Tradingview are conservative. True, there could be much higher gains then that, but as a seasoned investor, I want to keep my strategies similar and not say anything too outlandish.
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cryptyx gamer456148
@gamer456148, As a seasoned investor you must know that there is merit in tipping your future with a set percentage of profits taken. As a tip jar BCN should not be any more ignored than DODGE. Call it your vacation fund if it helps you wrap your mind around such outlandish musings. :D
so it is a looooooooong coin
gamer456148 mors2024
@mors2024, yup, likely at least many month holding.
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