Tonight we see 100%

POLONIEX:BCNBTC   Bytecoin / Bitcoin
1326 24
First target by this volume 250 (day 1) SELL 25%
Next is 450 (day 2) SELL 50% than 800 (DAY 3) SEL ALL !!!

評論: Sorry I was not here guy's. I was in a corner being ashamed...
For now we watch the weekend staying flat. Keep in mind people did actually buy for 1000. So I'll guess a short whale pump to small there losses is coming closer. Keep you're sell orders ready. Also keep in mind that BCN is a long listing solid coin. There are better coins forked, but that also goes for BTC.
any updates?
Oef, I tought here we go @ 22:00H, did not made it now beqause of the lak of volume.
Now lets see if we get there with the coffee cup. Anyway, no worries. This is bullish and going up.
Nagat RBrg
@RBrg, i just bought some do u think i should hold?
fmeqbel Nagat
@Nagat, yes indeed.
Nagat fmeqbel
@fmeqbel, thanks
fmeqbel Nagat
@Nagat, i am personally not worried and you can form your own opinion. lots of buyers got stuck at 1000+ sats and the market pumpers still want their btc back. I somehow think a flash pump will come close to the 1000 sats for them to recover some of their lost btc. This is not advice but an opinion.
Nagat fmeqbel
@fmeqbel, yes i taught of that too. Heard they will pump bcn through bnb. But am not sure of it. So am holding tight untill i get good return. Thanks
fmeqbel Nagat
@Nagat, I personally set my selling order early in case a flash pump occurs.
Nagat fmeqbel
@fmeqbel, whats your sell order?
fmeqbel Nagat
@Nagat, 400
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