Blcokmason Credit Protocol is ready for breakout

BINANCE:BCPTBTC   BlockMason Credit Protocol / Bitcoin

A nice Bullish falling wedge pattern shaped, RSI chart shows the price is almost oversold
We are ready for a breakout in next upcoming days.
評論: Today i close this analyse because i think is not working for short period of time so i will close it.
This token needs more time to grow its price again so this analyse will not work.
@flyingtopore any thoughts on BCPT/ETH - i bought at 162000, its now 71000!!! - holding for a breakout, but question is when. im not experienced enough to plot elliot waves, trying to learn,would be good to here from a pro, if this is ever going to go up or should i just sit in the corner and cry at my losses... :)
@noone222, The best advice for now is to keep your tokens, it may take some time but for sure you can sell it for better prices even higher than 162000! give it sometime. Blcokmason has great team behind let them work on their project, i am sure this token is currently undervalued. you may need to hold your tokens for some weeks or months but be sure it will give profits to you
noone222 flyingtopore
@flyingtopore, im definitely holding, these will fly up and if i had more money i would be buying more now as its at a stupid low price
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Benjamin Goh,

Hi Everyone, we just signed a partnership with a leading Japanese blockchain marketing/PR firm who will assist us in the Japanese launch of the Lndr app, connect us major partners to build new applications of the Credit Protocol, and create broader awareness in Japan of the transformative potential of BlockMason’s core technology. We are preparing a joint announcement and will release it when we are both ready

So To THE MOooooN!)
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flyingtopore michaelbogomaz
@michaelbogomaz, very good news, thanks for informing us my friend. Before i told patience is key and patient traders will be awarded
flyingtopore flyingtopore
@flyingtopore, patient traders will be rewarded
I dun think it can break out in short
flyingtopore luckygirld85
@luckygirld85, Yes it may take some time. Patience is key!. let's see what will happen
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