I mentioned this one in the afternoon swing trading room YESTERDAY. ;-) Many traders are watching BIDU over the last few weeks / days to slowly continue higher.

I did have a BPS on this one I exited early, but it was for break even (actually about a $7 win) HAHA ~ but I like BIDU to continue it's trend.
手動結束交易: I'm up on ALL of my swings. :-) Per my plan, closing them down and locking in the gain
評論: For those who are still in (John P?) You can increase stop! :-D
Thanks for helping us Enrich Lives!
Two questions: 1) What is the Swing Trading Room? I guess, I have not joined the Pro and hence do not know. Is that the case? Can the moderator email me please with the details or the link (I should know it, but.....)
2) BIDU was a great breakout much earlier on the DTL. But, this a good one also. Playing the Long Calls on it, but afraid since the market is at such a high point, and China came into lime light too quickly.
3) Extra point: IF you like BIDU, you will love JD. Look into it. I am completely biased on JD since it is the Amazon and Ebay of China, almost equal or beating BABA. I have a BABA position also, but have a bigger position into JD during their breakout.

@kenny1924, Hi Kenny. Thanks for the tips on JD.
Secondly - Hop over to sign up for my FREE WEEK into the trading room. If you want to know 'what it is' that's when you can learn and see real time. It starts 22-26th of Jan. Here's a page to sign up.
Thirdly - You can view previous recordings to get an idea of the 'flow' of the room. :)
can i borrow some benjamins?
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