Why Fibonacci is your friend in trading stock or Forex

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This is a 60 min time frame, indicators required:

Stochastic oscillator with parameter 8,3,3
8 EMA & 20 EMA

When to buy if you missed the boat of EMA crossover on 16-Jun

Mind Read:
1) Any Fibonacci Retracement Level? Answer: 23.6%, 38.2% (=S1)
2) Wait for reversal signal (black up arrow), did it close above 8 EMA? Answer: Yes
3) Stochastic (8,3,3) shows price convergence
4) LONG during phase 1

When to sell ? (Reverse Thinking)
Retracement level from 5-Jun 15:00 to 20-Jun 13:00 was 23.6%, then I project another Fibonacci Retracement (grey colour) to let its 38.2% overlap to old one. Therefore I will expect the highest price will reach somewhere near $0.938.
By confirming this is the highest price, I draw two parallel orange trend lines . $0.938 is trapped.

Stop-loss to be considered near S1 ($0.78), about 6%
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