One to definitely watch

BITTREX:BITBBTC   BitBean / Bitcoin
This is another coin I'm heavily interested in and got the opportunity to buy a lot of when it was still 11sats... look at the potential since. My last bit of confluence that triggered me to buy was based on similar activity ( Volume spike) being showed a year prior around Jun/Jul.

I'm not saying to wait till next year to buy nor not to expect another spike in price till then, we could either expect one in roughly half that time and/or an even bigger spike by Jun/Jul next year.

Either way, just look at the volume ... it has never spiked this high and a well known technical signal for price hikes is volume , so keep your eyes open on this one.

It could possibly floor to 14/15sats if the devs don't release any news soon and kills the hype, conversely: It grew from a high of 116 to 475sats in a year. It can go as high as 625 sats and then correct around 80-100sats for a while.
交易進行: I bought back at 150, but I think 200sats is fair enough to buy back. This is a strong coin, if it somehow got to binance I could see it reach 1k sats but that's just wishful thinking.

~300sats is the next ath close on the day chart 475 was the high, the latter is a fair take profit.
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