Cup and Handle!

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
For me, this is a clear Cup and Handle for BNB/BTC 1D timeframe
Target under 25000. If u buy now, profit will be around 59%, or u can wait to confirm uptrend with a breakout with profit around 51%.
評論: This is also can be a potential path no.1 when we will hit 382 fibb lvl. and then go up.

評論: This is also can be a potential path no. 2. when we will hit 236 fibb. lvl. and then go up.
評論: I think that we are going up! :)
U can see that RSI at 36 has been great support in the past, and now we are seeing some curve at 38 RSI. Maybe we will not touch 36 RSI, maybe is this a bottom.
U can also see that Stock RSI oversold, and now we have bullish cross so we are going up!
We also touched past supoort (red line) at 13973.

評論: And we are confirmed the channel! We are going up to the potential breakout! :)
Estimated time to breakout around 20 days, from May 10-14.

評論: In this handle form, we are forming bullish Ascending Triangle.

I'm expecting bounce up from RSI 42 lvl, because in past this lvl has been a very strong support for BNB.

Stoch RSI is oversold so with movement price up we will have bullish crossover.

I'm in at 15681

評論: update!
評論: I seeing double bottom as a handle of Cup and Handle pattern.
BTC is ruining the fun.
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DogenSrb KhrnoT
@KhrnoT, yea, but I think that will BNB follow own road.
This may just be an observation, but it seems BNBBTC takes a dump whenever BTC trends up.
DogenSrb KhrnoT
@KhrnoT, Yea, I also recognize that but as long as we are in the channel that is the good sign. Also this is the pair with BTC so when BTC going up, every coin that is in pair with BTC going down.
I bought at "now", and im down a lot lol.
DogenSrb KhrnoT
@KhrnoT, This is a long trade (forming this C&H for 4 months), and ofc set ur stop loss at 13777. Every trade is risk. I just can draw a chart and tell u my idea, but ur is last move. :) U can type on google cup and handle and go to image to see how work this pattern, and if I draw good or not, if u have some doubt. :) Good luck!
KhrnoT DogenSrb
@DogenSrb, No worries man. I saw the same cup and handle too, just didnt know when to get in. This market is a cycle and BNB is an exchange with working product, the price will swing back in no time.
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DogenSrb KhrnoT
@KhrnoT, I would say that the best time to get in when confirm a breakout, but then also can be a late because some coins can go up very fast. But, as I said, this is a long term trade so I think that we just need to wait. :)
DogenSrb KhrnoT

When u see ur stop loss at 13777, and compare with sell at 24708 Risk/Reward ratio is 4.7 and that is really great ratio.
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